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ATM Safety Tips

According to the American Crime Prevention Institute, there are over 200,000 ATM's in the United States. Not all ATM's are owned and operated by banks. There are a growing number of these machines that are privately owned. ATM's are a useful tool for many consumers. Because they hold financial information and dispense cash, they also have the potential to attract the criminal element. By using some common sense, and understanding certain vulnerabilities, we can help make sure our ATM experiences are positive ones.



Privately owned ATM's present special concerns. These machines are not operated or regulated by a bank. The owners may not have the same interests or capability in protecting your financial information. Many of these ATM's lack CCTV surveillance. The ATM owner may not have someone to assist you with financial discrepancies. Therefore, choose an ATM you trust.

When approaching an ATM, look around for suspicious individuals and vehicles. Choose an ATM that is visible by other people if possible. Be ready to conduct your business. If you have to fumble through a purse or book bag, you cannot be attentive to your surroundings. Project confidence and poise during your transaction. Protect your pass code and never write it on the Debit Card. Approach the ATM and stand directly in front of the screen. Do not accept assistance from strangers. When your transaction is complete, immediately take your property, cash, debit card, and receipt. If you lose your card, immediately notify the issuer. Because the characteristics of each ATM are different, there are no absolute guarantees, but by using some Crime Prevention Tips and common sense you can help make sure your experience is a good one.

If it appears that the ATM has been altered, do not use it. Some crimes are committed by placing a false card slot, skimming device, or touchpad over the original ATM. This is done to copy and steal your card information and pass code. Always follow your instincts. If you feel something is not right, react accordingly. You personal safety is the first priority.



Let's review some tips. Here is a quick checklist to keep in mind for ATM safety consideration: