Union Township Police Department


Learn the 4 Rs

RECOGNIZE techniques used by online predators to deceive.

REFUSE requests for personal information.

RESPOND assertively if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation online. Exit the program, log off or turn off the computer, tell a trusted adult, or call the police.

REPORT to a trusted adult any suspicious or dangerous contact that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For Students

Most studies agree there are 77 million of you on the Internet! Almost as many students as there are things to do online. The Internet has infinite possibilities, and it is easy to get lost. Sometimes when you are lost you discover wonderful new places, but just as easily you can find yourself in a dangerous situation. You must protect yourself from the pitfalls lurking online. To help you, we have come up with these tips.


For Parents

Our children are the first generation to grow up with the Internet. Technology only changes the advantages kids and teens have. It does not change the way you parent. The rules may have changed with the Internet, but you are still the one making them. Whether you are computer savvy or Internet illiterate these tips are easy to understand, follow, and implement.