Union Township Police Department


Police are tasked with enforcing the numerous traffic laws and regulations enacted by the different legislative bodies of our government. Our main goals for traffic enforcement are to ensure that drivers operate their vehicles in a safe manner in an effort to...

When a Police Officer pulls you over...

We ask that your carefully pull over to the right side of the road, place the vehicle in park, and turn off the engine.

Roll down the vehicle's windows and turn on the interior lights if possible. 

Please stay in the vehicle, and keep your hands on the steering wheel where the officer can see them. This helps officers quickly assess safety factors during the traffic stop.

Please do not make any sudden, furtive movements. Please communicate if you need to enter your glove box for a registration card for example. 

Please provide the documents or information you are asked for during the encounter. You are required by law to identify yourself and to possess certain documents. (license and registration)

Although it does not happen often, a police officer DOES have the legal authority to ask you to step from your vehicle. The officer will direct you where to stand, in a location meant to keep both you and the officer safe.


Your Rights during a Traffic Stop

There are instances where a police officer can legally search your vehicle without your permission. In other situations, you may be asked for permission by an officer to search your vehicle. Under those circumstances, you have the right to refuse, and the officer will not be allowed search your vehicle.

Although you are required to provide your identity and other licensing documents, you do not have to admit guilt of any crime.

You have the right to be treated fairly and impartially, and that we will not stop you based on "profiling" due to race, nationality, or any other such grouping.